Tuesday, July 6, 2010

reasons for using .NET

Seems that the good candidate languages are only C#, F# and Cobra.

Lacks usable Prolog / Lisp / Haskell implementations (JVM doesn't have Prolog / Haskell either).

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  1. Three languages is more than plenty, F# is a functional language like Lisp and Haskell except more practical, there is also IronPython for a widely known scripting language for tasks which aren't efficiency critical, C# is better than Java, CLR is a better virtual machine than JVM, and it ships out-of-the-box on both Windows and Linux whereas the JVM ships out-of-the-box on neither. At the end of the day, Java took a shot at being accepted, and it never was outside corporate IT, whereas .Net is now the standard virtual machine on Windows and has a real shot at being accepted on Linux; combine those extrinsic advantages with the intrinsic advantage of being just plain better, and the choice of .Net is a slam-dunk unless you already have a large Java code base, which we haven't.