Thursday, July 1, 2010

Porting Genifer LISP to Scala or Clojure, July 1st

Per YKY's instructions, I am getting ready to port Genifer's existing LISP code located at... either Scala or Clojure, JVM languages which can inter-operate with Java.  In doing this I hope to provide a framework that will ultimately unify AI libraries like Genifer, dANN, Neuroph, and others.

_KY_: The porting is 3 steps:
  1. unification algorithm
  2. best-first search
  3. substitution management
  4. optional: [ forward chaining ]
  5. optional: [ abduction ]

YKY recommends that I review:
Code will be commited to Genifer's Google Code repository.


  1. It would be interesting to compare performance between the LISP and JVM versions, both speed and memory.

  2. agreed that would be interesting!